Paris Bordel


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With every line written, and all I have given, Music’s been nothing more than a self-made prison.. I’ve taken inmate losses at the hands of this one. My pen’s been the poison to family and friendships, now it’s time to mend shit! Time to bring closure to, the clear conscience of M is long overdue.

Thinking to myself what can I be owing you?

They only tell you you great when they’re reminiscing over you…

Before I Trouble T-Roy, it’s just a d-boy, let me play the role of a Common on his b-boy. Speaking my truth in rhyme, no matter how bland it is.

*A heavy heart lightened, that’s just what my ransom is. All apologies, I bear the cross, I wear the blame.*

We in the same group but I don’t share my brother’s pain.

*Not to confuse, our sentiments are all the same.*

I just don’t feel nothing, I’m numb by the will to gain. Same thing brought tears to innocents… I turned away and didn’t even flinch!
The music drove me crazy.

*Looked up and lost the first girl I ever wanted to have my babies… Nowadays she can’t even face me!
I’m sorry for the heartbreak, I promised you forever my lady, Jodeci baby…!*

Pompous motherfucker, just look at what them jewels made me…

*I’m only finding comfort in knowing you can’t replace me!*

What a thing to say, but what am I to do?
I’m role-playing a conscious nigga and true is true.
I own you all.

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